Shirt Special Packages

Fed up with ironing shirts? At Simply Magic Southlands Dry Cleaners you can afford to be! You can leave your shirts for their special treatment for a low price of $4.50 per item or $22.50 for 5 shirts, which works out at $4.50 each.

We use Buffa detergent (Environmentally Friendly)  which contains a bactericide so it sanitises as it cleans and leaves a pleasant citrus fragrance. Now you really can afford to be fed up with pressing shirts. A same day turnaround will be offered on this service.

Please note that this offer is only available for washable shirts. Shirts which are Dry Clean only are priced at $8.70 per shirt.

The Simply Magic Southlands Dry Cleaners Dry Clean Only Shirt Clean is priced at $8.70 per item.

Wedding Gowns

For Brides who want the memories of their Wedding Dress preserved in mint condition.  

Your Wedding Day is special and chances are that you have paid a small fortune for your Dress.  Don't trust your Wedding Dress to just any Dry Cleaners.

If you want to avoid Mould and Damage and keep your Wedding Dress in Mint Condition for years to come, we will clean, restore, hand finish and preserve your Wedding Dress.  

For $50 off the price that we Quote you please mention that you have read this on the website and also us the Code Word: "My Special Day"

With 60 years of specialised experience and over 25,000 Wedding Dress' cleaned, restored and preserved.  Simply Magic Southlands Dry Cleaners are the full service Wedding Dress cleaning and preservation experts.  

Our 5 Point checklist and Quality Assurance that No Other Dry Cleaner Can Match.

  1.  Wedding Lace Spot Check - We will check the lace upon your dress, if not treated correctly it can turn yellow or grey.  We will check your lace to ensure that it is treated in the correct cleaning method.

  2. Diamantes Check - Check the type of Diamantes used on your dress - if treated incorrectly they can lose their mirror or shine, can melt or fall off.  We ensure that your dress is treated at the correct temperature for your diamantes.

  3. Button and Fasteners -  If not treated correctly the coating on your buttons can come off.  They can melt or fade or change in colour.  With over 25,000 Wedding Dresses cleaned to date, we will ensure your dress is treated with the appropriate cleaning process so that this will never occur at Simply Magic Southlands Dry Cleaners.

  4. Determining Your Material - Incorrect treatment of your Wedding Dress can  cause shrinkage, cracking or discolouration.  Your Wedding Dress must be treated correctly depending upon the material it has been made off.  Also we treat your dress in a way that prevents buttons and fasteners catching on the material and pilling it.

  5. Stains and Soiling - We check your dress for stains and soiling before cleaning and treat it appropriately, if stains are not treated appropriately before it is cleaned, they can st and you will never be able to remove them 

Our Assurance of Quality Service and Dedication to You

We promise that your Gown will be professionally cleaned, pressed and packaged, using the safest and most effective practices available.  We assure you that your gown will not be damaged and remain within the safest hands possible, and while we cannot promise that all stains will be removed, (as to do this is to be dishonest with you) we will make every attempt to clean and remove any specific stain from your gown, whilst we believe their is a chance to safely improve it's condition.  

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